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We create adaptable investment strategies to the changes in macro environment and risk tolerance level for those willing to take advantage of investment opportunities in public markets.

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Taking into account your risk profile and the current stage of the economic cycle,
we offer a diversified long-term portfolio of investment products acting as your trusted investment adisor.

Diversified Fixed Income
  • Fixed Income
Tech Backed High Yield Debt
  • Bonds of Tech Companies
  • Venture Debt
Sector Rotation Index
  • Cross-sectoral Equities
Diversified Real Estate
  • (Re)development projects
  • Rental Property
  • RE Funds
  • Raw materials, agricultural, mining products
Opportunistic Strategy
  • Growth Equities
Growth Stage Equity Opportunities
  • Growth Equities
  • Late-stage VC/PE

Our Investment Products

Partnership with the world’s best issuers allows us to create transparent, cost-efficient offerings
with a flexible and customizable product design according to market conditions.

diversified fixed income icon new

Diversified Fixed Income

Conservative product for investing in short-term and long-term treasuries and corporate bonds to generate a fixed return.

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sector rotation index icon new

Sector Rotation Index

Cross-sector equity product with quarterly rebalancing depending on the current stage of the economic cycle to generate above-market returns.

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opportunistic stragedy icon new

Opportunistic Strategy

Focus on investment ideas with a short- and medium-term investment horizon according to various strategies: exponential growth, global macro, momentum.

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Growth Stage Equity Opportunities icon new

Growth Stage Equity Opportunities

Portfolio of companies in the tech sector with an idea for recovery: FinTech/InsurTech, SaaS, FoodTech, Metaverse, E-commerce.

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Diversified Real Estate icon new

Diversified Real Estate

(Re)development projects, rental real estate, large PE real estate funds.

Tech Backed High Yield Debt icon new

Tech Backed High Yield Debt

The strategy implies a higher target return and will consist of publicly quoted technology company bonds and the purchase of private debt.

Commodities icon new


The product focuses on taking advantage of investment opportunities in the formation of the commodity supercycle amid high inflationary expectations.

Can’t find what you are looking for and need your own instrument?

Securitize your investment ideas and strategies as innovative investment solutions and upgrade it into exchange-traded products.



Actively Managed Certificate, AMC

AMC is a product that allows the structuring of a strategy for any asset class in the form of a transparent instrument.




Structured Note: a tool that allows an investor to gain exposure to different asset classes by choosing the type of performance he wants.


Credit Linked Note, CLN

CLN is an instrument through which companies can raise debt capital.




Tracker Certificate is an instrument that allows private companies to sell a stake in their business to a wide range of interested investors.

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