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There are proven and reliable organizations, through which you can help our country and the Ukrainians. All of them are officially registered and are acting in Ukraine. They specialize in different types of aid: humanitarian aid, support for the army, assistance to civil hospitals, support to families of the defenders of Ukraine who died fighting for the country, help to internally displaced people, etc.

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UNITED24 was launched by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine.

Help Ukraine

Soborna Ukraine supports resistance to the Russian invasion, provides humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and will work to rebuild Ukraine’s infrastructure after an end to the war.

Help Ukraine

The National Bank of Ukraine has decided to open a special fundraising account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Help Ukraine

Our Foundation supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine by financing solely defense initiatives. Since 2014, we have provided about 4 400 thermal imagers and more than 3 000 drones.

Help Ukraine

Helping war-affected children, orphans, hospitals, internally displaced people; assistance and care for orphanages.

Help Ukraine

Our foundation accepts donations for the purchasing medications and other necessary humanitarian products in Europe.

Help Ukraine

We are not a commercial organization. And we are not funded by government. We do rely on support of people and organizations like you. By making a gift to KSE, you are making an investment in building the strong and innovative economy of Ukraine.

Help Ukraine

Our task is to effectively develop the newly created unit, provide material and technical support, help wounded soldiers and fully support the families of the fallen heroes.

Help Ukraine

In connection with the war in Ukraine, we call on every Ukrainian to do what you can at your own level so that we can all come closer to a common goal – defeating the enemy and restoring the territorial integrity of our country.

Help Ukraine

Our donations help Army SOS volunteers supply the defenders in Ukraine with modern tools and equipment to counter the invasion.

Help Ukraine

We maintain a relentless focus on the needs on the ground to support Ukraine and on opportunities to amplify voices from Ukraine in conversations in the United States.

Help Ukraine

Our mission is to help the Ukrainian people to stand resilient and defend the peace and values of the civilized world by engaging the international business community.

Help Ukraine

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