About Blackshield Capital AG

Blackshield Capital AG was founded in Zurich in 2016.

In 2017, Blackshield Capital AG became an affiliated member of ARIF. The core activity of the company has been provision of fiduciary services to HNWI private clients.

In order to offer solutions that meet the level of challenges of our clients, we consistently widened scope and quality of competencies of our team.
This became a justified reason for the rapid development of our company.

Since 2023 our experienced client advisors are registered with RegFix, a FINMA supervised client advisory register, in accordance with the Financial Sevices Act (FinSA).

Mission Vision Values


We commit our knowledge and experience to insightful solutions that guide clients in protecting, preserving, and increasing their wealth.

Our Mission


To accelerate a technological transformation of the financial industry empowering people to realize their ambitions and make a real difference.

Our Vision


Dig deeper
Dealing with problems, it is not enough for us just to know facts. We seek to uncover hidden interconnections between cause and effect, and stay open-minded to see the bigger picture.

Exceed expectations
We view each task in our daily routine as a chance to be proactive and go above and beyond what is expected by those around us. This helps us generate high-quality performance and excel ourselves every time.

Drive change
We cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset that creates a community of intrinsically motivated and self-directed people seeking innovation and embracing challenges even within a highly uncertain environment.

Create synergy
Our whole is greater than the sum of its parts. By combining our diverse expertise and backgrounds, we build a space to freely share ideas, gain support and achieve greater results together than working apart.

Our Value

Our logo

The company logo consists of two core elements – the shield and the exponent. Both of them communicate multiple messages.


Our logo

The company logo consists of two core elements – the shield and the exponent. Both of them communicate multiple messages.

The Shield


Before the widespread adoption of firearms, the shield was the protection a warrior could rely on. We are an instrument for your security as well – we stand guard over your financial future, neither retreating nor surrendering.


Trust as confidence in honesty is the cornerstone of financial markets rewarding capital providers with long-term risk-adjusted returns. Thus, understanding its vital role in decision-making, we ensure transparency, competence, integrity, and promise fulfillment.

The Exponent


While the concept of compounding is the most powerful force in finance, technological innovations are what drive the exponential growth of humanity today. Our core expertise in the technology sector will enable you to be part of global advances.


Life can be a series of peaks and troughs: different states of health, wealth, or happiness. As you climb to your own peak, whether career growth or personal endeavor, we are ready to share any challenges you may encounter along the journey and support your most daring ambitions.

Office Location

Bahnhofstrasse 10, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland


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