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Partnership with the world’s best issuers allows us to create transparent,
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Wealth Managment

Based on in-depth financial market expertise and understanding of client needs and goals, we specialize in providing bespoke wealth management strategies.

To guide you through all the complexities that come with wealth, we will design a flexible roadmap matching your unique priorities and future goals.


Research & Analytics

We strive to produce quality content and objective research across our covered sectors. Generating differentiated insights provides the clarity needed in a rapidly changing world. To have an edge in the market, we develop narrow in-depth expertise in growth companies across their life cycle – from the late stage to maturity.

Who we help

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Multi-Family Offices

To complement a comprehensive range of services with a custom-designed line of wealth management strategies to provide a holistic solution for ultra-affluent individuals.

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Financial Advisors

To expand the investment universe and broaden a pipeline of solutions suitable for clients with different risk profiles: conservative, moderate, and growth.

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High-Net-Worth Individuals

To develop a tailor-made wealth strategy with a sophisticated range of financial solutions to achieve individual goals in the most cost-efficient way.

How we act

Integrating our extensive track record, network of partners, and resources, we build long-lasting relationships with our clients to help them navigate their crucial decisions and milestones.

01. Explore

This step lays the groundwork for developing a bespoke strategy. We always strive to deeply understand your unique expectations, circumstances, and needs or to help identify them throughout our journey.

02. Plan

Once we analyze all your input, we develop a master plan – the quintessence of our insight and expertise. It addresses all the aspects vital to achieving your goal, from identifying needs to mitigating potential risks.

03. Execute

After the final negotiation of all the details of your plan, we put your customized strategy into action by providing best-in-class services. Along the way, you can rely on the entire Blackshield Capital team to make your goals a reality.

04. Adapt

The only constant is change. To keep you on track to meet your needs, we ensure your wealth management strategy remains flexible to adjust to new challenges. You can expect us to review your plan regularly and inform you of any relevant changes.

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